Version History
  • Support high-resolution displays (DPI adaptation). The interface display is no longer blurred when the software runs on 4K screens and laptops.
  • Support to virtualize current Windows operating system into VMware virtual machine.
  • Disk cloning function supports to clone large disk to small disk and allows to change the size of each partition on target disk.
  • Start to use an independent preview process and improve the stability of the main program.
  • The number of CPU threads can be specified for compression mode in the advanced settings of the partition backup function.
  • The search for known file types in file recovery function adds support for CR3 file format.
  • The function of creating vmdk virtual disk supports to set target disk as SATA and NVMe.
  • When formatting a FAT32 partition, it allows the total number of clusters to exceed the limitation Windows sets to FAT32.
  • The DBR of Windows 10 is used when formatting FAT12/16/32 partitions.
  • When backing up system partition by files, the "DiskGenius WinPE" directory is excluded by default.
  • After drive letters are assigned, the currently selected partition will not be switched automatically, preventing users from selecting the incorrect partition when the user operates too fast.
  • It is allowed to set the software to prevent system from going to sleep when performing time-consuming functions.
  • Improve video preview function and support newer formats.
  • Optimize the file recovery effect of FAT32 partition.
  • Optimize the result of recovering deleted large files from NTFS partition.
  • Fixed some issues for system migration function to improve the stability.
  • Fixed an issue that the function of backing up exFAT partition by files did not support vary large files.
  • Fixed an issue of incorrectly reading dynamic volumes and LVM volumes.
  • Fixed an issue that exceptions occurred to partition backup function when inputting a file name without extension.
  • Fixed an issue that there was free space when quick partition function created only one partition.
  • Fixed an issue that system did not restart when executing certain function that required restart.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes the extend partition function could not be opened correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that the font of sector editing function was not sightly after booting to WinPE.
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases the disk cloning and partition cloning function might stop responding.