Version History

  • Support to copy files from mapped network disk to the partition opened by the application by way of dragging the mouse or pressing the Ctrl_C and Ctrl_V keys.
  • Enhance the judgment of file types such as CR3, MOV, MP4, MRW, etc. when recovering files by type.
  • The "Modify Partition Parameters" dialog box adds features to modify GUID partition attributes.
  • The "No Drive Letter" attribute is added when creating MSR partition. The "No Drive Letter" and "OEM" attributes are added when creating Microsoft recovery partition.
  • Improve the function of migrating WinToGo system to a local hard drive.
  • Fixed the issue that the Batch Format USB Disk feature stopped responding after inserting USB flash drives.
  • Fixed the issue that the bootable WinPE USB disk created by the application was not bootable.
  • Fixed an issue that the application startup might cause some USB flash drive to disconnect.
  • Fixed an issue that errors occurred when resizing an EXT4 partition which was formatted with cluster size of 8KB or larger.
  • Fixed an issue that copying files larger than 2TB could fail.