Version History
  • Support modifying GUID partition parameters.
  • Support changing MBR signature and disk GUID.
  • Partition list adds Attribute tab to show partition status (hidden, active, read-only).
  • When backing up system partition by files, directories like "Desktop" "Music" and "Pictures" can be excluded.
  • Enhance operations and controls for file copy, supporting Skip, Pause and ways to handle preset errors, and supporting shutting down computer after file copy completes.
  • Improve the displayed content for file copy details.
  • Check if destination partition space is sufficient prior to copying files and give prompt if there is not enough free space.
  • Optimize user experience of file preview function.
  • Disk partition map shows "Basic" "Dynamic" and partition table type for current disk.
  • In the partition and folder tree area, the read-only partition displays a lock icon.
  • FAT32 file system is used by default when creating an ESP partition.
  • Enhance file recovery function for NTFS partitions.
  • Enhance recovery function for video format file of hard disk recorders.
  • Enhance the function of getting and showing disk SMART information.
  • The partition information pane shows device path in the form of HarddiskVolume.
  • A warning is prompted when saving partition table after modifying dynamic disk partitions.
  • Operations like format, hide partition, erase free space, restore partition, etc. are forbidden on dynamic partitions.
  • Prompt users to update software when partition backup image created by a higher version is accessed by a low version.
  • Fixed a byte order display issue for EXT4 partition UUID.
  • Fixed an issue that certain Office documents couldn't be previewed.
  • Fixed an issue that in the rare case functions like backing up partition table couldn't be used.
  • Fixed an issue that in some situations partition map of dynamic disks displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that cluster size was incorrect after formatting exFAT partition according to the default cluster size.
  • Fixed an issue that partition map didn't update smoothly after changing the size of program interface.
  • Fixed an issue that in rare cases partition error occurred to Quick Partition function.
  • Fixed an issue for Quick Partition function that happened during saving and loading default settings.
  • Fixed an issue that write disk error occurred when resizing other types of partitions on a disk that contains Linux partitions.
  • Fixed an issue that partition might be lost after saving partition table for a disk that contains Linux partitions.
  • Fixed an issue in some cases files under Recovered Types were not classified by extensions.
  • Fixed an issue that the program might stop responding when recovering files from NTFS partition.
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases lost BitLocker partitions couldn't be recovered.
  • Fixed an issue of displaying drive letter for dynamic volumes.
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases MBR wasn't restored after restoring system partition from image file.
  • Fixed an issue that EFS encrypted file data was incorrect after restoring NTFS partition backup.
  • Fixed an issue that Goto directories was not accurate after recovering files from exFAT partitions.
  • Fixed an issue in the function of FAT32 file recovery.
  • Fixed an issue that the restored FAT32 partition might not be open if it was backed up by sectors or structure.