Version History
  • The function System Migration and Virtualize Current System Into VMware Virtual Machine can be performed in WinPE.
  • The function "Adjust Data Area Positioning" is added to partitions recognized by File Recovery function.
  • Added the support of "Parallels Desktop" virtual disk format.
  • Optimize file recovery result for NTFS partitions.
  • After copying files, the properties of new files are set to be consistent with original files(archive, read-only, system, hidden, etc.).
  • The "System Volume Information" folder won't be excluded when the program backs up a NTFS partition by files and the partition enables Data Deduplication.
  • The limit that the maximum number of clusters cannot exceed 2^30 is removed when formatting exFAT partition.
  • The New Partition and Quick Partition function set the default aligned sector as 256 when the disk's sector size is 4096 bytes.
  • The default capacity changes to 256GB when creating a virtual disk.
  • Fixed an issue that drive letters were not assigned correctly after resizing partition.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes BSOD or partition missing issue might occur when resizing partition.
  • Fixed an issue that in some rare cases resizing partition might stop responding.
  • Fixed an issue for Quick Partition function that in some cases partitions could not be created correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes files of EXT4 partition could not be parsed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that files of exFAT partition formatted by MacOS could not be parsed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that data could not be written to hidden partitions.
  • Fixed an issue that some CR3 files could not be previewed.
  • Fixed an issue that the program might get corrupted during converting virtual disk format.
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases the Unlock BitLocker dialog box could not pop up.
  • Fixed an issue for sector editor that mouse clicking might damage selected area.
  • Fixed an issue that file data might not be correct when writing encrypted files to NTFS partition.
  • Fixed an issue for sector editor that in some cases content could not be entered.
  • Fixed an issue for File Recovery function that the program might stop responding if clicking the main interface while the program was organizing directory structure.
  • Fixed some issues related to interface display.