Version History
  • Full file recovery support for EXT4 partition.
  • It boots to PE system by default when operation such as backup partition, restore partition and resize partition involves system partition and cannot lock partition.
  • The application prompts to boot to WinPE system when you try to convert dynamic disk where operating system is installed to basic disk.
  • A default file name is set automatically when saving file for bad sector scanning record, partition table, virtual disk format converting, sector data, data recovery progress, etc.
  • Add checkboxes to files and folders after loading partition data intelligently to facilitate operation.
  • Disk which is larger than 4GB is allowed to be converted to FDD mode.
  • Improve file copy speed after file recovery.
  • Try not to affect system booting after converting dynamic disk to basic disk.
  • Optimize NTFS file recovery result.
  • Improve file preview for Linux text file.
  • More partition types are supported when creating GUID partitions.
  • Simplified Chinese is used by default in Singapore Chinese system.
  • Automatically skip files when file copy runs into read error. (bad sectors excluded)
  • Cloning disk or converting virtual disk types will be executed via copying sectors when it comes across damaged or unsupported partition.
  • Buffered data is filled by "UNREADABLESECTOR" when the application reads bad sectors.
  • Destination partition will be shrunk automatically before restoring partition which is backed up by sector or data layout if destination partition is larger than source partition.
  • Fixed an issue that write disk error occurred when converting FDD disk to other types.
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases unexpected problem occurred during data recovery.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred to file recovery progress saving and loading when recovering data didn't select recovering deleted files.
  • Fixed an issue that in some situations NTFS file record was not accurately located after file recovery.
  • Fixed an issue that NTFS partition was not backed up or restored successfully when there were too many file hard links.
  • Fixed an issue in partition resizing that exception occurred before rebooting system.
  • Fixed an issue that the program stopped working when bad sector scanning details sort data by Error.
  • Fixed an issue that FAT partition's Free Clusters and Used Clusters were not correctly displayed.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes the partition image's last time point couldn't be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue that lost EXT4 partition that is larger than 2TB couldn't be found.
  • Fixed an error that occurred to partition size after loading EXT4 FDD disk which is larger than 2TB.
  • Fixed an issue that large NTFS partition data contains errors after restoring partition which was backed up by data storage structure.