Version History
  • Support to migrate current system to a new hard disk.
  • Support unlock BitLocker drives.
  • Support to set UEFI boot entries.
  • Partition backup uses multithreading technology to improve speed.
  • The default compression method for partition backup changes to Normal from Quick.
  • Incremental backup supports to change compression method.
  • The vmdk virtual disk created by the software can be up to 8TB.
  • The Batch Format USB Disk function supports ext4 file system.
  • Improve the accuracy of recovering files by type.
  • Enhance the function to judge hard disk's read-only state.
  • Network disks mapped by OneDrive won't be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue that hard disk didn't display on some computers.
  • Fixed an issue that program interface didn't display fully when Windows 10 in the multi-display mode.
  • Fixed an issue on the function Convert Virtual Disk Format that loaded virtual disk couldn't be selected.
  • Fixed an issue that partition directory tree displayed partitions repeatedly after restoring from an image file which was backed up by structure or sectors.
  • Fixed an issue that in some system the partition information area didn't show partition location correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that NTFS partition didn't show files after restoring from an image backed up by sectors
  • Fixed an issue that error occurred when the DOS edition restoring partition from image file.
  • Fixed an issue that error might occur when reading or writing disk in Windows XP.
  • Fixed an issue that the process of backing up FAT32/exFAT partition couldn't be interrupted.