Version:       Updated: Jun 01, 2021
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The downloaded application is Free Edition which can be upgraded to Standard Edition or Professional Edition. You can test the free edition before deciding whether to buy higher editions.

Release Notes

DiskGenius Version History
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  • New

    1. Support to migrate Windows to VirtualBox.


    1. When the software detects that a disk has bad sectors during startup, it will pause loading the disk first, and then prompt the user to manually refresh after it is started.

    2. A warning mark will be shown on disk icon after the software reads the disk and encounters bad sectors.

    3. The software will ask whether to save bad sector record if bad sectors are found on a disk while closing the software. After saving the record, the software will not read them repeatedly next time you run the software in case the disk freezes computer.

    4. Optimize the file copy function and fix known issues.

    5. Optimize the execution speed of erasing the free space in EXT4 partitions.

    6. Optimize the file recovery result for NTFS partitions.

    7. Add the support for file types of Office Visio file (.VSDX), Fujifilm RAW image file (.RAF) and Konica Minolta RAW image file (.MRW).

    8. Improve the fault tolerance when saving GUID partition table under special circumstances.

    9. Support to copy selected files of all partitions in one time when you select files of multiple "Recognized" partitions after the software finishes scanning.

    10. The "View Secure Boot Certificate" function is added to the "Set UEFI Boot Entries" dialog box.

    11. When cloning LVM disks and dynamic disks, only "Copy all sectors" disk clone mode is available.

    12. Special characters are allowed to be used when setting volume name.

    13. The menu item "Deleted or Formatted File Recovery" is changed to" Recover Lost Files".


    1. Fixed an issue of parsing EXT4 file system.

    2. Fixed an issue that "Recovered Types" might contain duplicate files after recovering files.

    3. Fixed an issue that in some case the partition graph might display incorrectly.

    4. Fixed an issue that the "Partition Recovery" function was unable to recover EXT4 partitions that did not contain files.

    5. Fixed an issue that the Clone Disk function and System Migration function could not correctly limit the maximum capacity of partition.

    6. Fixed an issue that a new partition could not be created via pressing the Enter key.

    7. Fixed an issue on Bad Track Verification dialog box that the interface did not display correctly when checking accurate sector number.

    8. Fixed some details in the function of resizing partitions.

    9. Fixed an issue that the newly formatted FAT32 partition could not be restored after it was backed up by files.

    10. Fixed an issue that file copy process got interrupted after press the ESC key on the file copy dialog box.

    11. Fixed an issue that system boot might fail after searching for lost partitions and saving partition table on GUID disk.

    12. Fixed an issue that the image was not displayed normally when previewing some heif photos.