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The downloaded application is Free Edition which can be upgraded to Standard Edition or Professional Edition. You can test the free version before deciding whether to buy higher editions.

Release Notes

DiskGenius Version History
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  • New

    1. Support to migrate current system to a new hard disk.

    2. Support unlock BitLocker drives.

    3. Support to set UEFI boot entries.


    1. Partition backup uses multithreading technology to improve speed.

    2. The default compression method for partition backup changes to Normal from Quick.

    3. Incremental backup supports to change compression method.

    4. The vmdk virtual disk created by the software can be up to 8TB.

    5. The Batch Format USB Disk function supports ext4 file system.

    6. Improve the accuracy of recovering files by type.

    7. Enhance the function to judge hard disk's read-only state.

    8. Network disks mapped by OneDrive won't be displayed.


    1. Fixed an issue that hard disk didn't display on some computers.

    2. Fixed an issue that program interface didn't display fully when Windows 10 in the multi-display mode.

    3. Fixed an issue on the function Convert Virtual Disk Format that loaded virtual disk couldn't be selected.

    4. Fixed an issue that partition directory tree displayed partitions repeatedly after restoring from an image file which was backed up by structure or sectors.

    5. Fixed an issue that in some system the partition information area didn't show partition location correctly.

    6. Fixed an issue that NTFS partition didn't show files after restoring from an image backed up by sectors

    7. Fixed an issue that error occurred when the DOS edition restoring partition from image file.

    8. Fixed an issue that error might occur when reading or writing disk in Windows XP.

    9. Fixed an issue that the process of backing up FAT32/exFAT partition couldn't be interrupted.