Version:       Updated: May 17, 2018
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Release Notes

DiskGenius Version History
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  • New

    1. Change working mode for File Recovery feature, which allows users to select "Recover Deleted Files" and "Complete Recovery" singly or simultaneously, avoiding repeated scanning and improving efficiency.

    2. File preview adds support for PDF file.

    3. Add support for recovering deleted files from EXT4 partition.

    4. Optimize bad sector checking function and improve detecting speed.

    5. Optimize scanning speed of File Recovery feature.

    6. Optimize execution speed of scanning lost partitions.

    7. Program icon on Taskbar displays progress for operation being executed.

    8. Support loading virtual disk via dragging mouse.

    9. Support copying data to partition in the software via dragging files from Windows Explorer.

    10. Support copying text of disk and partition information via context menu.

    11. The word "Damaged" will show next to partition name if the partition is damaged.

  • Enhanced

    1. Improve compatibility to errors on NTFS partition.

    2. Improve file recovery accuracy for NTFS partition.

    3. Improve the speed of filling sectors with random data when erasing free space.

    4. Improve the speed of filling sectors with random data when deleting files permanently.

    5. The error message "There is not active partition" won't be prompted when saving partition table.

    6. Quick formatting or creating partition does not assign drive letter for ESP/MSR partition.

    7. ESP/MSR partition is not created by default when creating new partition on GPT disk.

    8. File Recovery allows previewing file content during scanning.

    9. File Recovery feature adds a green recycle bin mark for file path which contains deleted data.

    10. The Partition Information window still displays information of original partition during file recovery.

    11. S.M.A.R.T. information shows external hard drive's actual disk model and serial number instead of HDD enclosure's model and serial number.

    12. It's not allowed to contain directory separator when renaming file or creating folder.

    13. Backslash "\" can be used as file name character in EXT4 file system.

    14. Improve compatibility to errors on EXT4 partition.

    15. Improve stability to backup & restore EXT4 partition.

    16. Improve stability to read and write files in EXT4 partition.

    17. Improve stability to resize EXT4 partition.

    18. It's allowed to search for lost partition by costuming cylinder range before registering software.

    19. As to partition which is recovering lost files or found via partition recovery, operations that may damage data are prohibited, for example, clone partition, restore partition, erase free space, erase sectors, etc.

    20. During the process of searching for lost partitions, menu items like "Rebuild Master Boot Record" and "Backup Partition Table" are disabled.

    21. The menu item "Save Scan Progress" is disabled when searching for lost files.

    22. It is not allowed to set volume name or change volume serial number on encrypted BitLocker partition.

  • Fixed

    1.Fixed an issue that in some cases drive letter couldn't be assigned correctly.

    2. Fixed an issue that drive letter was not reassigned after restoring partition table.

    3. Fixed an issue that in some cases writing data error occurred to Restore Partition Table function.

    4. Fixed an issue that no error message was prompted when failed to create ESP/MSR partition.

    5. Fixed an issue that preview image blinked when clicking file under File tab.

    6. Fixed an issue on progressing bar when retrieving data from image file.

    7. Fixed an issue that Goto NTFS File Record was not accurate after file recovery.

    8. Fixed an issue sometimes "Invalid handle" error occurred when recovering files from whole disk.

    9. Fixed an issue that folders found after recovering deleted files may not have checkboxes.

    10. Fixed an issue that when WinPE was running out of memory NTFS partition couldn't be restored from image file which was backed up by file.

    11. Fixed an issue that in some cases GUID partition table couldn't be loaded successfully.

    12. Fixed an issue that in some WinPE versions error occurred when saving GUID partition table.

    13. Fixed an issue that sometimes write sector error occurred when saving partition table.

    14. Fixed a bug that sometimes file recovery feature couldn't copy 4GB-sized file.

    15. Fixed an issue that in some cases it couldn't write data to partition which didn't have a drive letter.

    16. Fixed an issue that error occurred when writing data to NTFS partition which enables "Compress this drive to save disk space" in Properties.

    17. Fixed an issue that error occurred when extracting files from EXT4 partition image file.

    18. Fixed an issue that error occurred when read or write virtual disk which is split into multiple files and has snapshots.