Version:       Updated: Oct 31, 2018
Size: 53.4MB

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Release Notes

DiskGenius Version History
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  • Enhanced

    1. Optimize file recovery feature for EXT4 partition.

    2. Optimize file recovery function for NTFS partition.

    3. Optimize lost FAT32 partition recovery.

    4. Improve response speed to damaged disk in some cases.


    1. Fixed a bug that exceptions might occur when partition recovery function ignored a partition.

    2. Fixed an issue that files were not completely listed when recovering files from FAT partition.

    3. Fixed a bug that progress bar couldn't be stopped when registering application without connecting to the Internet.

    4. Fixed an issue that in some situations MBR created by Quick Partition was not correct.

    5. Fixed a bug that in rare cases the unformatted partition was not displayed after being resized.

    6. Fixed an issue that operating system cloned from FAT16/FAT32 system partition might not be able to boot.