PartitionGuru Renamed DiskGenius

The last version of PartitionGuru is V4.9.5.508. PartitionGuru has been renamed to DiskGenius now. DiskGenius has three editions: Free, Standard and Professional.

Original users of PartitionGuru can freely upgrade to DiskGenius Professional edition using the same license information, plus one additional PC's registration.

DiskGenius is an all-in-one super tool for data recovery, partition management, partition backup & restore and other disk functionality. It's more powerful and stable then before.




Version:       Updated: Jul. 08, 2022
Size: 79.7MB

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The downloaded application is Free Edition which can be upgraded to Standard Edition or Professional Edition. You can test the free edition before deciding whether to buy higher editions.

Release Notes

DiskGenius Version History
[ Ver ]
  • New

    1. Add the function of exporting file directory structure to an html file.

    2. Support Storage Pool created by Windows 11.

    3. Support to unlock the BitLocker drive that is suspended.

    4. Support to unlock the BitLocker drive when the encryption or decryption process is unexpectedly interrupted, and support to specify the range of encrypted sectors while unlocking the drive.

    5. Support to drag the ".pmf" file on the network path with mouse in order to load the partition image.

    6. Add support to multiple languages: Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


    1. The file loading progress is displayed when the ".pmf" image file is loaded by dragging it with mouse.

    2. Improve the fault tolerance to image file when extracting files from it.

    3. The "Construct Virtual RAID" feature supports to set up virtual nested RAID (use the created virtual RAID as a component of another new RAID).

    4. Partitions or disks that are added to virtual RAID as components will be marked as read-only in order to prevent write operations from affecting RAID recovery.

    5. Optimize the recovery effect of RAW photos and MP4 files when recovering files by type.

    6. Add support to .gzip, .gz and .blend files when recovering files by type.

    7. Support to copy error message text to clipboard by pressing Ctrl_C when an error message box displays.


    1. Fixed an issue that the dynamic volume was displayed abnormally when the dynamic disk sector size was not 512 bytes.

    2. Fixed an issue that in some cases the exFAT partition couldn't be resized.

    3. Fixed an issue that in rare cases the file data length was 0 after recovering files.

    4. Fixed an issue that files couldn't be read or written when special characters existed in file names in NTFS partition.

    5. Fixed an issue that partitions were not created according to the specified file system type when creating partitions on GPT disk.

    6. Fixed an issue that the image file couldn't use network path when backing up or restoring partitions or disks.

    7. Fixed an issue that in some cases the partition read-only icon was not displayed.

    8. Fixed an issue of setting boot entries after migrating system.

    9. Fixed an issue that encrypted partition couldn't be restore and partition couldn't be cloned to encrypted partition.