How To Recover Data from SD Card?

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How to recover data from SD card? In this article, you can find multiple methods to recover deleted data from SD card as well as how to recover data from formatted or corrupted SD card. It happens that you may delete data from SD card by mistake or your SD card gets formatted or damaged, and it is necessary to know how to recuse data via effective and easy way.

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SD card data recovery overview

SD card has become one of the most popular storage devices and it is used on all kinds of digital devices such as phone, tablet computer, digital camera, GPS navigation devices, GoPro and so on. It is very portable and provides large amount of space to store various files like photos, music, movie, documents, emails, apps, etc. Though SD card is placed in digital device to provide storage space, it can also be connected to computer via an adapter or card reader. Hence, you can transfer data between memory card and computer hard drive easily. It is convenient to use SD card these days. SD card is great, but it brings about troubles, for example data loss.

How to recover data from SD card

Losing files data can be one of the most terrifying problems that we may encounter. You may delete files or format SD card by mistake, and SD card might get damaged or corrupted for some reason. You may lose precious photos which haven't been backed up, or lose important working data which is hard to collect again. SD card data loss is one of the most common issues you may meet and you can find lots of users seek solutions on how to recover data from SD card. Here is one of the cases:

"I have a 32GB Micro SD card which is used on an old Android phone as extra storage media. The phone took hundreds of photos and all pictures are stored on this memory card by default. Unluckily, the phone was dropped down and couldn't turn on anymore. I took the memory card out of the phone and connected it to computer, so that I could transfer photos to hard drive. The thing is that I cannot open the SD card in File Explorer even though the card shows up. It seems that the SD card has been corrupted. Is there any way to recover photos on the card?"

You are likely to wonder whether it is possible to recover data from SD card or how to recover data from SD card. Fortunately, SD card recovery is possible, and in most situations you have good chance to recover deleted or lost files from SD card. Why? SD card data recovery is avaiable and it is the result of the way system removes data. When a file gets deleted or formatted, it is not completely wiped off SD card. Deleted data is kept on the card without being visible to system as long as it is not overwritten by newly stored files. SD card data recovery cannot be achieved if lost data gets overwritten.

Data recovery software for SD card free download

If you google the question how to recover data from SD card, you may find some guide that advises to recover SD card data with cmd commands like chkdsk. However, such method has been tested and proved to be unhelpful. That's because that process is likely to cause further damage to file system and lost data, which reduces the chance of recovering files from SD card. Therefore, the recommended solution is to use SD card data recovery software. There are too many data recovery programs for SD card that claim to be capable of recovering lost data due to deletion, formatting, SD card corruption, virus attack etc. You might be confused on how to choose suitable software. Here we make a brief introduction on data recovery software for SD card.

Free SD card recovery software

Eassos Recovery Free is free data recovery software for SD card and hard drive. It contains four recovery options which are able to tackle with all types of data loss issue, for instance, recover deleted files from SD card, recover data from formatted or corrupted SD card, perform pen drive recovery or SanDisk Data Recovery, etc. It searches for lost data via quick scanning and deep scanning at the same time, so that lost files can be found quickly and completely. It supports recovering data from SD card which is formatted to exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, NTFS. This free edition is able to recover 1GB data free of charge, and you can upgrade it to full edition to recover extra amount of data.

Best SD card recovery software

DiskGenius is the best data recovery software for SD card. It is reliable and efficient when recovering deleted data from SD card or recovering lost files from formatted or corrupted memory cards. It supports to recover data which get lost due to deletion, virus, accidental formatting, SD card corruption, power failure, etc. Also, it supports recovery from FAT, exFAT, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 formatted SD cards, hard drive, flash drive, virtual disk, external HDD, etc. Apart from common file recovery and partition recovery, it also provides advanced functions to deal with complicated data loss issue, such as hex editor, construct virtual raid, recover encrypted partition, image disk, create bootable disk, etc.

Guide #1: How to recover deleted data from SD card free?

In this part, we'll show you how to recover deleted data from SD card using free SD card data recovery software Eassos Recovery Free. Do not write data to SD card once you realize important data gets deleted. Download and install Eassos Recovery Free on your computer and you can follow this guide to get back deleted data.

Step 1. Connect SD card to computer.

Many cameras can be used as card readers and you can connect camera to computer directly, after which you can see the SD card on computer. If this does not work on your case, you can put the SD card into a card reader and connect card reader to computer USB port which is connected directly to the motherboard instead of a peripheral device.

Step 2. Run Eassos Recovery Free and choose Recover Deleted Files option from main interface.

Eassos Recovery Free provides 4 recovery options: Recover Deleted Files, Recover Files From Partition, Recover Lost Partitions and Recover Files From Disk. You should choose proper recovery mode in order to get correct recovery result.

How to recover data from SD card

Step 3. Scan your SD card.

Select the SD card to be recovered and click Next button to start scanning process. Scanning won't take long if the SD card is not physically damaged.

How to recover data from SD card

Step 4. Preview and recover data from SD card.

You are able to preview files found by the software and check if files are correct. Then select files you want to recover and click Recover button, and you can save selected data to your computer hard drive.

How to recover data from SD card

Guide #2: How to recover data from formatted/corrupted SD card?

DiskGenius supports to recover all kinds of data from SD card, including photos, videos, music, archives, emails and more, and supports deleted data recovery, formatting recovery and RAW partition recovery. Here we'll use this tool to recover lost data from formatted or corrupted SD card.

Step 1. Install and launch DiskGenius from computer, and connect the formatted/corrupted SD card.

Once the SD card is connected to computer, you can see it in DiskGenius. If your SD card not showing up, lost files cannot be recovered in this way.

Step 2. In DiskGenius, right-click on the SD card and choose Recover Lost Files from context menu.

How to recover data from SD card

Step 3. Select recovery option and start scanning SD card.

On the pop-up window, you can choose recovery modes and file types you want to recover. Complete Recovery should be chosen if you want to recover formatted data or corrupted SD card. It is also recommended to select Search For Known File Types, for this option can perform deep scanning and finds out more files.

How to recover data from SD card

Click Start button to start scanning process.

How to recover data from SD card

Step 4. Preview and recover lost data from SD card.

View and preview files listed in scanning result, and you can find out what you want to recover. Besides, you can filter files with the help of Filter feature.

How to recover data from SD card

To get files recovered, you need to copy them to a difference location: select and right-click files to be recovered and choose Copy To.

How to recover data from SD card

Once files are copied to specified location, you can view and check recovered data. If you are sure files are recovered correctly, you can try formatting corrupted SD card to get it repaired. It is easy to recover corrupted SD card, and yet you should try to protect SD card against getting corrupted. Here are some techniques that can help you keep SD card from being corrupted.

  • Develop a habit of removing USB drive from computer via the "Safely Removal" option; turn off digital camera before taking out memory card. Do not remove USB disk directly especially when it is reading or writing data.
  • Format SD card to proper file system type, for example, NTFS is not proper file system type on SD card.
  • Use anti-virus software on your computer and scan SD card for virus when it is connected to computer.
  • Place your SD card in suitable weather environment, do not use it in extreme heat or cold conditions.
  • Invest reliable and qualified SD card, like SD cards manufactured by reputable brands. Buy SD card from official platforms, or you might get fake SD cards.

Tips on successfully recovering SD card data

No one can guarantee that SD card recovery can always work smoothly, there are some points you should pay attention when recovering data from SD card.

  • Backup your SD card: photos and files stored on your SD card should be backed up in time and keep at least two backup copies. When you encounter data loss issue, you can try recovering data from backup first. If files can be recovered from backup, you won't need to do extra recovery task.
  • Choose effective SD recovery software: efficient recovery software performs deep canning and digs deep into lost data; thus lost files can be found quickly and completely.
  • Do not write data to SD card or reformat SD card after data loss. Writing data to SD card is likely to overwrite and destroy recoverable data, and thus cause lost data to unrecoverable. Also, do not format or reformat corrupted/RAW SD card even though it asks to format it.


SD card data loss issue is common but we can deal with it easily. We've mentioned methods on how to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from SD card and you can try these guides when you need to do SD card recovery. Though SD card data recovery is easy, do not ignore the importance of backing up data. It is helpful if you can create backup on a regular basis. If you need help to recover data from SD card or other devices, please feel free to contact our support team.


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