How to Recover Deleted or Lost partitions Using DiskGenius?

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This guide will guide you how to recover deleted and lost partitions from hard drive and removeable disks step by step using partition recovery software DiskGenius in Windows 11/10/8/7. Partition recovery is one of the most useful functions of DiskGenius, helping you recover lost, RAW, formatted, corrupted partition with ease.

DiskGenius - The best recovery software to perform lost partition recovery, RAW drive recovery, deleted file recovery, formatted recovery, etc., in Windows 11/10/8/7.

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When should you use DiskGenius to perform partition recovery? Below are typical cases:

  • A partition gets formatted by mistake, and you want to recover lost files stored on original partition.
  • A partition was damaged and unreadable, and Windows prompts that you need to format the partition before you can use it. The corrupted partition contains important data.
  • A partition is lost and cannot be found in Windows Explorer and Disk Management, and you want to recover it.
  • Due to improper operations, such as repartition the wrong hard drive while installing Windows OS, removing all existing partitions.
  • Partition table gets corrupted due to hard drive damage, virus attack, etc., all partitions are disappeared.

As to the first two situations, the partition is formatted or corrupted instead of getting lost, thus, what you need to do is scanning the partition to find lost files. Refer to this guide on how to recover lost files: A Detailed Guide to Recover Lost Data with DiskGenius

The rest 3 situations require you run lost partition recovery, and here are two guides you can follow:

Guide #1: Recover lost or deleted partitions on unallocated disk space

Once a partition gets deleted, the disk space becomes unallocated. You can scan unallocated space to restore deleted or lost partitions back to their original status. This guide will show you how to look for lost partitions on unallocated hard drive using DiskGenius. When all lost partitions are found by the software correctly, you can choose to save them to partition table. After that, these restored partitions will be assigned drive letters by Windows and then mounted to File Explorer.

Note: Do not create new partitions on the hard drive or repartition the hard drive before lost partitions are recovered correctly.

Step 1. Install and launch DiskGenius. Select the unallocated disk space and click "Partition Recovery" button. Then click "Start" button and the software starts to search for lost partitions.

partition recovery diskgenius

Step 2. Click "Reserve" or "Ignore" button.

Usually, the scanning process will find out more partitions than you want to recover, and you need to choose "Reserve" or "Ignore" for each found partition. Preview files in the partition before making the decision. Click "Reserve" only when the partition is the one you want to recover, otherwise, click "Ignore".

partition recovery diskgenius

Step 3. Click "OK" button once the scanning is done.

partition recovery diskgenius

Step 4. Click "Disk – Save Partition Table", and lost partitions found by the scanning process will be saved to partition table.

Tip: It's OK not to save partition table, as you can simply copy files listed in the software to another hard drive.

partition recovery diskgenius

Guide #2: Recover lost partitions after hard drive is repartitioned

You might have repartitioned hard drive while reinstalling Windows operating system. Under such circumstances, original partitions are missing, and the hard drive is full of newly created partitions. To recover lost partitions and data, you can try the following two methods:

Method 1: Search for lost partitions

Step 1. Launch DiskGenius, select the hard drive that needs recovering lost partitions and click "Tools – Search Lost Partitions(Partition Recovery)".

partition recovery diskgenius

Step 2. Click "Start" button to scan the hard drive and look for lost partitions.

partition recovery diskgenius

Method 2: Scan the entire hard drive byte by byte to recover lost files

It is possible that the original partition table is damaged or overwritten by the disk repartitioning process, installed OS or stored files. If So, lost partitions cannot be found by Partition Recovery function described in Method 1. Another way to recover lost files is scanning the entire hard drive deeply and recover files:

Step 1. In DiskGenius, locate the hard drive where you want to recover data, right-click it and choose "Recover Lost Files" option.

partition recovery diskgenius

Step 2. Click "Start" button to scan the hard drive.

partition recovery diskgenius

Step 3. View lost files in the software. Click file and you can see a thumbnail preview in the lower pane; double-click the file, and you can preview file content in original size.

partition recovery diskgenius

Step 4. Copy files you want to restore to another hard drive.

partition recovery diskgenius

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