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Updated on Nov. 30, 2021

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How do I fix error code 0x800f0922? Recently, some users reported that Windows could not be updated when updating Windows 10 system and got the prompt "There were some problems installing updated, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x800f0922) ". What should we do when encountering such a problem? This article will explain to you the specific solutions to the 0x800f0922 error code in Windows 10 system update.

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Hello. For some reason, Windows cannot be installed when it is updated. The error code is 0x800f0922. I tried to install it several times, but an error message appeared at the end of the installation process. Can you help me? There is little information about this error ... Thanks in advance!

There are three main reasons for error code 0x800f0922

1. The VPN tool interferes with the network connection, resulting in this error 0x800f0922.

Your PC may not be able to connect to the Microsoft Windows update server due to a VPN connection in your home or office network. To solve this problem, you need to temporarily close the VPN connection.

2. The remaining space of the reserved partition of the system is insufficient.

The system reserved partition is created when Windows is installed. The fixed disk space in Windows 10 is 500MB, including Boot Manager, Boot Configuration Data (responsible for booting Windows 10) and startup files.

If the remaining space in the reserved partition of the system is insufficient, the Windows update will fail, and the error code is 0x800f0922.

3. The .NET Framework is not enabled.

Many users report 0x800f0922 error is caused by the .NET Framework. If the request to install the .NET Framework fails, it may be because the feature of the control panel is not enabled, giving the error code. In this case, you need to manually enable the .NET Framework in the control panel.

Back up your data first

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You can click the "Settings" button to configure advanced settings for backup, such as selecting backup mode, compression mode, excluding unwanted files, etc.


Step 3. Click the "Start" button to see the following prompt box.

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How to fix Windows 10 update error code 0x800f0922?

Solution 1. Disable VPN

The direct solution to the VPN environment is to turn off the VPN and then try running the update again. If you are using VPN software, please exit completely or log out of its account. If you are using Win10 built-in VPN, just turn it off or delete all the settings you created. Although we know that you may have to use a VPN connection to connect to your work network, if windows update gets stuck, you need to disable it.

Solution 2. Free up space in the system reserved partition

If the free space of the reserved partition of the system is insufficient, an error 0x800f0922 will appear when updating Windows 10. Fortunately, you can use third-party partitioning software to extend system reserved partition. It is recommended to use a professional Partition Manager - DiskGenius to extend the reserved partition of Windows 10 system.

DiskGenius is a reputable and reliable partition manager for Windows users. It has powerful functions such as formatting partition, adjusting partition, expanding system partition, merging / dividing partition, and can help you manage partitions and disks in a simple and flexible way.

DiskGenius can help you add unallocated or free disk space to any existing partition without losing data. You can add unallocated disk space to a partition regardless of whether it is adjacent to free space.

Step 1. Locate free disk space and right-click to select the Allocate Free Space To option. Then you can select the partition where you want to add free space.


Step 2. The DiskGenius pop-up window prompts the operations to be performed and matters needing attention. Click Yes to start moving disk space to the specified partition.


Step 3. Wait for the process to complete and click Complete when the process is complete.


Solution 3. Enable .NET Framework

Some users reported 0x800f0922 error is caused by the .NET Framework. Ensure that the .NET Framework is enabled in the Windows aspect. If the .NET Framework is disabled, you may encounter error 0x800f0922. To fix the problem, enable the feature and try updating again.

Step 1. Enter control panel in Windows 10 Cortana search box and click the best match to enter the control panel interface.

Step 2. Type Windows features in the search box and select Turn Windows Features on or off.


Step 3. Select the .NET Framework related box and click OK.

Then your Windows 10 error 0x800f0922 .NET Framework problem should be fixed.

Solution 4. Delete the updated temporary file

Stop the Windows Update service first. Press Windows + R, enter the command "services.msc" to open the service window, open the Windows Update service, stop it, and then enter the folder "C:\Windows\softwaredistribution\datastore" to delete all the files in it. Then go back to "C:\Windows\softwaredistribution\" and delete the files in "download". Finally, restart the Windows Update service.


This article lists four ways to help you fix 0x800f0922 Windows 10 update error. If you do not know how to fix the error 0x800f0922, or you are still looking for effective methods, please try the above methods one by one. If you follow the steps in this article and mange to fix the error 0x800f0922, you can share this article with more friends with the same problem. We hope this article can help you! If you need any help when using DiskGenius, you can contact us at any time.

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