How to Undelete Files from USB in Windows 10?


Updated on Aug. 18, 2021

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How to undelete files from USB in Windows 10? Do you often save files with USB? But your files may not be safe! Yes, any unforeseen event can lead to complete data loss. The focus of this article is to let users know how to recover deleted files from USB in a simpler way. Read on to find out how.

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"I accidentally deleted all important files on my USB drive. What can be done to restore these files? When I looked at the content of my USB drive, there was nothing. The folder is empty. Where are these files? Can I recover deleted files from USB? Please help!"

Reasons for USB data loss

In addition to unplugging the USB drive while it is still in use, there are several other reasons why data sometimes disappears from the USB drive without warning, including:

  • Unexpected file deletion
  • Malware infection
  • Data fragment
  • Unsuitable conditions (excessive moisture, heat, etc.)
  • Hardware failure
  • Software defect
  • The problem of the USB port

But no matter what the cause of USB data loss is, there are some things you need to do to ensure that you can successfully undelete files from USB:

  • Stop using the USB drive immediately after discovering data loss.
  • Disconnect the USB drive from your computer and store it in a safe place until you have time to start the data recovery process.
  • Don't try to copy data from USB to different locations, because you may only make things worse.

Now that you know the most common causes of USB drive data loss and how to ensure successful USB drive recovery, it's time to explain how to undelete USB data.

How to undelete files from USB using DiskGenius?

Free download USB data recovery software DiskGenius

DiskGenius is powerful and secure software that can recover almost all deleted data by scanning USB. It can retrieve the data lost due to various reasons, such as USB failure, human error and so on. Main features:

  • You can recover documents, pictures, audio, video and other types of files.
  • You can recover data from memory cards, flash drives, digital cameras, hard drives and other removable drives.
  • It is applicable to all data loss situations, such as virus attack, accidental crash, deletion, etc.
  • You can scan and preview any data type as well as hard drives and details.
  • Ensure data security - when you retrieve lost data, it does not store any of that data in its server.
  • Easy to use - easily retrieve lost data with just a few clicks.

Specific steps to recover deleted files from USB drives

Step 1: Boot DiskGenius from your computer, and you can see the USB drive from the home screen. Select the USB drive and click the "File Recovery" button.

Step 2: Select Recover Deleted Files and click Start to scan the selected USB.

Note: You can select both Complete Recovery and Search For Known File Types to find as many files as possible.

Undelete Files from USB

DiskGenius is scanning the partition:

Undelete Files from USB

Step 3: Preview files, check if files are correct, and decide if they are files you want to restore.

File preview is available during the scan or after the scan is complete, and you can double-click a file to preview it. Files that are previewed without errors can be recovered correctly after the software gets registered.

Undelete Files from USB

Step 4: Select the missing files you want to recover, right-click and select Copy To. You will then continue to save the selected files in a more secure location.

Undelete Files from USB

To Sum Up

I believe that after the above tutorial, it should not be a problem if you want to recover the deleted data from USB. I would like to remind you that in order to prevent data loss from causing trouble or even irreparable losses, you should develop the good habit of regularly backing up data. In this way, once the data is lost on a device, you can find valuable data by extracting backup. Because everyone knows that data is priceless.

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