How to Recover Photos from Formatted Hard Disk?


Updated on Sep. 27, 2021

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Can you recover pictures from a formatted hard drive? Whether in office, school or life, we need to store a lot of data. Data loss can happen at any time, and now it has become a common problem. There are many possible reasons that cause the hard disk to be formatted, resulting in data loss. Here, it becomes important to recover photos and videos from formatted partitions. In the process of storing data, we usually choose to store most of the files in the computer hard disk. But what if the hard disk is accidentally formatted? What should we do now? Can the data be recovered after the computer is formatted? This article will show you how to recover deleted and lost photos from a formatted hard drive in Windows 10.

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Hard disk has always been regarded as the "terminal" of data storage, which is one of the main storage media of computers, storing all the data information of users. At the same time, it is the main part of the computer, and its performance directly affects the running speed of the computer and the user's operation experience. Capacity is the most important parameter of a hard disk. As the amount of data continues to grow, the storage capacity of a hard disk has reached a maximum of 18TB for the moment, and it will continue to grow.

However, the hard disk will also suffer some losses after being read and used for many times. With the advance of time, users will obviously feel that the computer equipment is getting more and more stuck. Simply cleaning up garbage files can no longer solve this problem, and even need to format the hard disk. However, hard disk formatting often causes file damage and loss.

Is it possible to recover files after formatting hard disk?

I believe we often encounter this phenomenon in our daily life. For example, if we accidentally format the hard disk storing data at work, the data stored in the hard disk will be lost. At this time, how to retrieve the data stored in the formatted hard disk?

In fact, the hard disk formatting operation is generally reversible, that is, after the computer hard disk is formatted, the deleted files can be retrieved through relevant methods or techniques, but before the data files are recovered, it is necessary to ensure that the deleted files are not overwritten by the new data. Once the deleted data is overwritten, it cannot be recovered. So if the data is not overwritten, how should we recover it? How can we retrieve the lost files? The following is to introduce you to the formatted hard disk file recovery skills, mainly divided into the following steps:

How do I recover photos from a formatted hard disk?

Step 1. Download and run the latest version of DiskGenius.

Step 2. Select the formatted hard disk in DiskGenius, and then click File Recovery.

Recover Photos from Formatted Hard Disk

After clicking Start, the software will scan the hard disk.

Recover Photos from Formatted Hard Disk

Step 3. Preview lost files after the scan. If photos can be previewed as shown below, they will be restored correctly.

Recover Photos from Formatted Hard Disk

Step 4. Select photos you want to restore, right click them and then click Copy To to restore photos to a safe location. The whole recovery process is complete.

Recover Photos from Formatted Hard Disk


If you are also worried about the missing photos on the formatted hard disk, now you know what to do. DiskGenius is a wonderful tool that can help you recover any data from USB flash drives, memory cards, or formatted hard drives. This is the easiest way to recover deleted photos on your computer. Through this article, you learned how to retrieve deleted photos from the formatted hard disk on your computer. DiskGenius also has more powerful functions. If you need to know more, you can always follow the online help documents and introduction articles on the official website.

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